we Compare Types of Weight Loss Programs

We are too fat because we're out of balance. When we compare weight loss programs, do they restore balance? No! So, here we compare programs and give you the reasons for preferring one to another.

The bad news is that almost all programs fail to address the underlying causes of weight gain or obesity. The great news is that, when we treat the underlying causes, permanent weight loss is automatic.

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The steps to compare weight loss programs

We all have the option to lose weight and live well. Imagine and savor the possibilities! From all the programs that one can find in order to compare, one needs to choose the best and most comprehensive program to suit you as an individual.

We already know the best and most comprehensive program, tailored to suit individuals.

However, before we give you our own opinion let us explain a few points.

1. A program that suits one person may not suit another because, for example, one program may count calories, while another program may count carbohydrates, yet another program may count both. As many, many overweight people, have a degree of insulin resistance,

often without being aware of it, they will need to count carbohydrates. Moreover, if they have become very insulin resistant, they may need to count both carbohydrates and calories. In addition, a person who is insulin resistant could make him or herself unwell by simply counting calories but not counting carbohydrates.

2. One program may focus or cardio exercise, but ignore strength/weigh training because they fail to realize that the best combination is both.

3. Other programs may focus on both eating correctly and exercise, but do not cater for people who are not able to exercise comfortable, or those who are not able-bodied.

4. Whereas, in fact, it is possible to lose weight without exercise if you need to because you are too overweight to exercise comfortably or because you are not able-bodied for some other reason.

5. Thereby, to compare weight loss programs, it is important to know that the people who design the programs know how to cater for all people and that the program can be tailored to suit the individual.

An excellent alternative to programs

As stated earlier, our website is the result of over forty years of combined research. Therefore, over many years we have repeatedly set out to compare weight loss programs.

We give our conclusions further down this page, first, however, there are two highly recommended books that provide not only in depth explanation about the best way to lose body fat, they also provide the best detailed self-help weight loss program.

In our opinion, an excellent alternative to programs is to have your own individual program with somebody showing you the way, step by step, as often as you need, and at your own pace.

That is why we highly recommended either of these books. Alternatively, take both if you can.

The first book became a number 1 bestseller at Amazon.

Here are the links to those books at Amazon (available in paperback or Kindle form).

Steps to compare programs

As stated earlier, the information on our website is the result of over 40 years of combined research. We have, thereby, over the years repeatedly set out to compare weight loss programs.

The result of forty years of combined research is that, in modesty, the best weight loss programs are our own! The free programs set out here on our website cater for all individual needs.

1. Our explanations [covering approximately 140 pages] of what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, how to exercise well, how to recover well, and to control food cravings, compulsive eating, overeating, or emotional eating, are the very best for fat burning and fat loss that LASTS.

2. We provide a whole 'Psychology for Weight Loss' section, of many pages, which gives you free additional tools to enable you to reach your weight loss goals.

3. Moreover, we provide you with a 'Meditation for Weight Loss' section to use, should you so choose, in conjunction with the eating and exercises programs.

4. We also have a natural weight loss helpline.

In other words, this site provides you with everything you need to begin your journey to weight loss.

Remember, one small step at a time is all it takes to begin any journey.

So, take some right action soon! It is free!

You have nothing to lose but unwanted body fat!

If you want further information about how we compare programs, here we can only very briefly sketch the seven steps that we used.

To compare weight loss programs, it's helpful to think of the best total program as a stone monument built in the shape of a seven-layer wedding cake.

Each layer is circular and each layer is smaller than the one that supports it. So, this monument has seven steps to the top. Enjoying a trim body is like being on the top layer. The view from the top is terrific, but it is a view that requires climbing all the steps.








If these are the best criteria to compare programs, what practical implications follow for achieving lasting weight loss?

The most important is this: to become an expert at losing weight, start at the bottom —- not at the top. As human beings, we all resist accepting this because we want to change as little as possible.

Please recognize your impulse for instant gratification and resist it. We all want instant success!

For example, to play the piano well, one must begin by playing scales--just like everyone else. To play hockey well, one must begin by learning how to skate well--just like everyone else.

Realizing this is very important.

Learning the steps in the proper sequence is critical. When we compare weight loss programs we find that the very best ones will freely show you how it's done, step-by-step.

Once you get the more fundamental weight loss steps in order, there will be no reason you cannot regularly practice well and become an expert at losing weight.

You will already be much of the way home! Why shouldn't life get better and better as you get slimmer and slimmer and healthier and healthier?

We wish you well on your journey to weight loss!

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