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This is the 'Testimonials' and 'About Us' page.

This website is based on our research in natural weight loss and the cure for obesity. I'm Dr. Dennis E. Bradford, the co-webmaster of this site.

Here I am (at age 61) doing reps of stiff-legged deadlift partials with 405 pounds in the basement gym at home.

[Photo taken 28 August 2007.]

My co-webmaster (and best friend) is Anna Foster Wright. She's also the popular online author sometimes known as 'Keats.'

My co-webmaster and I have in our ancestries: metabolic syndrome, overweight and obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, ulcerative colitis, stroke, systemic lupus erythematosus, acne, asthma, arthritis, joint pains, carbohydrate cravings, binge eating, food addictions, mood disorders, and more.>

We wanted to avoid all that our ancestors endured. Therefore, we have each had a powerful motivation to intensively research and understand the causes and the cures.

Our many years of research found that treating the underlying causes of weight gain, and using specific foods, results in not only fat loss but also improved health.

Our research transforms body and health!

We give you the natural physical, mental, and psychological tips that make lasting natural weight loss now possible. There are too many pages on our site to list on the menu buttons. However, on the sitemap, which is at the bottom of the menu buttons.

The comments further down this page were written by former or current training partners and others who benefit from the information provided on this website.

Our ultimate mission is to improve the well-being of all sentient beings. Our mission for this website is to offer accurate, helpful information worldwide to help others improve themselves.

We do not sell our training programs or our weight loss programs. Our programs are free. [Copyright exists on all material, written or otherwise, on this website and in our books.]

On this site, we present our research findings and we set out the weight loss solutions step-by-step.

Begin by letting yourself have positive expectations of your ability to achieve Paleo natural lasting natural weight loss.

OUR PUBLISHED BOOKS [on a variety of subjects]

  • Belly Fat Blast: How to Lose Stomach Fat Fast Without Hunger!
  • Compulsive Overeating Help: How You Can Stop Food Cravings, Food Addiction, or Emotional Eating in 6 Simple Steps!
  • How to Eat Less -- Easily!: The Natural Weight Loss Plan for Carrying Less Weight for Life
  • How to Stop Emotional Eating: Take Command of Overeating
  • Weight Lifting: Basic Moves for Effective Training for Muscle Building in Minimum Time
  • Emotional Eating: How to Stop Overeating, Dieting, and Binge Eating Naturally!
  • Personal Transformation
  • The Fundamental Ideas
  • A Thinker’s Guide to Living Well
  • The Concept of Existence
  • The Meditative Approach to Philosophy
  • The Three Things the Rest of Us Should Know About Zen Training
  • 5 Ways to Diminish Failure Almost Instantly
  • Getting Things Done
  • Mastery in 7 Steps: Understanding Mastery, Success, and Mind
  • Love and Respect
  • How To Survive College Emotionally
  • It's Not Just About Money!
  • 40 Top Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Become Happily Published
  • 12 Publicity Mistakes that Keep Marketers Poor
  • Emotional Facelift
  • Are You Living Without Purpose

COPYRIGHT exists on all material written or otherwise, on this website and in our books or free material.

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Sample of Testimonials

We place here a sample of kind comments and testimonials simply for your interest and to encourage you on your journey to health and Paleo natural lasting weight loss.

Testimonial from Mark Anthony Keicher; 51; Alexander, New York

"In late August of 1998 I suffered a serious work injury that left me with lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow of the left arm.

Following the advice of a prominent orthopedic surgeon, I proceeded with surgery followed by eight weeks of physical therapy.

The doctor informed me that, if all went well, I would regain use of perhaps 80% of the arm.

Eight weeks into therapy I began to feel as though I wasn't making much progress. The arm wasn't healing as well as I hoped.

The injury had indeed impeded my active lifestyle. I started to gain weight. I began to feel helpless and despondent.

Soon after, I called my friend Dr. Dennis Bradford and expressed my anxiety. He suggested rehabilitation through intensive weight training. I liked the idea.

After carefully thinking through a reasonable plan, I began to train with him under his supervision.

Within a few months the arm improved. Along with that improvement came an all around feeling of well being, both physically and emotionally.

I trained with him once a week for two years. Partly because of a new job, I had to stop training with him even though I really enjoyed it.

At the end it was a feast of success. My arm is 100%! My weight is ideal, and I've increased my muscle mass considerably.

Dennis and Anna have produced a great website here and and certainly know their stuff!"

Testimonial from Carlo Filice; 50; Livonia, New York

"My name is Carlo. I am 50 years old. Many years ago (is it 10?) my friend and colleague Dennis invited me to begin doing some weightlifting, with special emphasis on squats and on deadlifts.

I had never done any weight training. I had a bad/weakened knee because of my past soccer playing. Soccer playing had been my number one sport passion. But I had had to stop playing in my late 30's because of the knee problem.

Somewhat skeptically, I agreed to give weight training a shot.

It has had an amazing impact on my physical well being. It has made me stronger in all kinds of ways.

Most importantly, it has strengthened my bad knee so much that I have been able to play soccer again, and have continued to do ever since (I am playing tomorrow night!).

Not once have I suffered any injury due to the weight training (I did once aggravate a slight neck problem, but it was a very temporary thing).

Dennis must be given most of the credit for this success, since he carefully researches the proper exercise forms and techniques -- I have simply taken advantage of his ongoing expertise in this area.

Thank you Dennis!"

Testimonial from Ivan Kenneally; 30; Rochester, New York

"About three years ago, I found myself playing tennis with a few colleagues from work and discovered to my astonishment and disgust that I was not in a physical condition befitting a man my age (at the time I was twenty-seven years old).

It was a cold comfort to me that I was generally winning my matches since my opponents were typically twice my age!

Dennis suggested to me that I seriously try weight training. At first, I must admit that I was skeptical; I was concerned it would produce far too much unwieldy mass, or that it would be unsafe, or that the benefits would be meager.

I am happy to report that I was embarrassingly wrong on all counts.

Three years later, I am in the best physical condition of my life--if only I were this strong and healthy ten years ago!

No serious fitness program can do without regular weight training. I plan to continue weight training for the rest of my life.

I not only lost XX pounds and X inches off my waist, I seem to have lost the fat permanently.

Just before moving back to Rochester four years ago, I was under no inconsiderable amount of stress: making the transition to a new job in a new city coupled with all the demands of a highly competitive graduate school program had taken an obvious toll.

I confided to Dennis that I was having particular trouble sleeping at night--my mind was far too agitated to achieve the quietude necessary for a restful sleep.

Dennis suggested that I try meditation to temper these cascading thoughts. I started modestly at first, meditating five or ten minutes in the morning and another five or ten in the evening.

It was much more difficult than I anticipated, which of course meant that my mind was sorely lacking discipline.

However, the positive results were almost immediate and the more I meditated the better I slept.

Now I meditate a bare minimum of one hour a day, thirty minutes in the morning and thirty in the evening. I also sleep very soundly."

Denis and Anna provide an abundance of free information on this site.

Testimonial from Dave Pascale; 22; Latham, New York

"I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to work out with Dennis and have the opportunity to absorb his knowledge regarding weight training, nutrition, and meditating.

I lost XX pounds this [2005] summer (X% of my body fat) by following Dennis's advice. It feels good just knowing what I have to do in order to lose body fat.

There are all kinds of wacky ideas out there and I am just glad I know someone who has sorted through the garbage and knows what works.

I only became serious about meditation when I could no longer handle the stress of my job. After a couple of months of daily practice I have found meditation helps me stay more balanced and relaxed."

The website of Denis and Anna is to be recommended.

Testimonial from Dylan Brennan, Esq.; 31; Buffalo, New York

"I am a recreational bodybuilder who has engaged the sport with varying levels of intensity throughout my short adult life (31 years).

I have trained with semi professional as well as professional bodybuilders. I have read most, if not all, the intelligent literature available relating to dieting and weight training.

I have found no better comprehensive body of information than Dr Dennis Bradford's and Anna Foster Wright's website.

I encourage all participants from entry level to professional to consult their work. Best of all it is free."

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