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This page is about how to speed up metabolism. This will work weight loss, increased energy levels, and improved health! In this section of our website are effective methods that can transform your body! There’s lots of interest these days in this subject in order to lose body fat.

There’s a good reason for this interest. From the standpoint of your individual well-being, it’s better to have a higher metabolic rate than a lower one. There are two natural ways to increase it. Those ways are emphasized throughout this website. Let’s review those ways and then discuss the easiest way for you to incorporate them into your life. We provide easy step-by-step methods for you to use.

So, let's learn more!

Speed up metabolism: method one

One way, which everyone understands, is to increase your levels of activity. The most effective way to do this is through a program of intense, brief cardio two or three times a week and strength training once or twice a week.

The truth is that our bodies evolved to be active. Except for the most recent 12,000 years or so, all our ancestors were hunter-gatherers.

In the last century, anthropologists and other scientists studied remaining tribes of hunter-gatherers. You have probably seen some television programs about them.

How many fat hunter-gatherers have you seen on such programs? What percentage of them were fat?

Isn’t the relationship between metabolism and weight loss obvious? The more active we are, the more trim we are.

Now please think of the last time you went to a mall: what percentage of the humans you saw there were overweight or obese?

Except for our athletes, since we are much, much less active than our hunter-gathering ancestors, that is part of the explanation for the obesity epidemic. The other reason is the type of food that we eat.

On other pages at this website we explain in detail exactly how to do mild and intense cardio as well as how to do strength training to naturally speed up metabolism by increasing your activity.

We provide comfortable and free, step-by-step methods for you to use.

How to speed up metabolism: method two

The other way to speed up metabolism and your metabolic rate is to eat properly.


There's much unnecessary confusion about this. It's by eating more naturally, by eating in accordance with how our bodies evolved.

For example, it’s by eating flesh foods such as wild-caught fish and other seafood, game, and ungulates like cattle and bison that had natural diets of grass (not corn, hormones, and antibiotics!).

Those foods contain all the healthful proteins and fats we need.

To speed up metabolism the best and easiest way is to eat small portions of natural meats every three to five waking hours.

The higher a food’s “thermic effect” the more it helps to speed up metabolism.

Since protein has twice the thermic effect of either fats or carbohydrates, your body will expend many more calories processing proteins than it will processing fats or carbohydrates.

Furthermore, protein does a better job making us feel full than either carbs or fats.

Homocysteine is a toxic component of blood that damages arteries and makes them more susceptible to atherosclerosis.

People who consume a lot of lean, natural meat have lower levels of homocysteine than vegan vegetarians do.

If you want to boost your metabolic rate, you need to make such lean, natural meats the centerpiece of every meal.

Supplement them with non-starchy leafy green vegetables, or broccoli, or leafy green salads with no dressing. See our 'Carbohydrate in Vegetables' and 'Carbohydrate in Fruits' charts listed on the menu/navigation buttons to the left of this page. Print them out and use them as daily guides.

Drink plenty of water.

Stop eating dairy products, cereals and grains, potatoes, legumes, and all processed foods. These types of food will affect your ability to lose body fat.

Except for one day weekly [see below], keep your carb consumption low, preferably to 25 grams of less from all sources. Get your carbohydrates from low carb vegetables and a small portion of low carb fruits such as berries.


Well, when digested, all carbs become sugar. If you ingest both carbs and fats, your body will burn the carbs and store the fats. To switch your body from sugar burning to fat burning, keep your carbohydrates low except on your weekly "cheat day."

One 'cheat' day per week have one meal in which you consume plenty of calories in terms of both carbs and fats. This will replenish your level of the hormone leptin. If you don't do this, after about a week, your leptin level will fall to about half of what it normally is and this will signal your body to slow your metabolism and fat burning.

So, on most days eat a meal centered around a natural source of protein, which will include some good fats, about every 3 to 5 waking hours and keep your carbohydrate consumption at or below 25 grams daily. Also, drink plenty of clean water.

One day a week, unless you have diabetes, in which case you will need the approval of your physician, have a meal in which you ingest plenty of fats and carbohydrates as well as protein.

Even then, however, don't continue eating until you feel stuffed; stop eating as soon as your hunger disappears.

Eating this way will adjust your metabolism so that you continue to burn fat week after week. We suggest aiming to lose one pound of fat weekly, which is one-and-one-half or two pounds of body weight. If you lose more than that, terrific!

Do not, however, have more than one cheat day per week, otherwise it will slow down you metabolism and weight loss.

Pages relating to speed up metabolism

To speed up metabolism you will do far better by counting carbohydrates rather than calories.

However, if you are very insulin resistant you may have to count both carbohydrates and calories until you get down to the percentage of body fat that you want.

On many other pages at this website, we explain in detail exactly how to speed up metabolism naturally by eating specific low carb foods and Paleo low carb foods.

If you combine a low carb natural way of eating with effective exercise, you will speed up metabolism permanently, which will result in lasting weight loss.

Doing so, however, may mean making some changes in your life.

In assisting you further, the following page links will help to speed up your metabolism and enable you to burn more body fat.




All the above page links will help you to create a metabolic furnace to speed up metabolism!

Speed up metabolism books

The books are available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, usually in Kindle and paperback form, and sometimes as hardbacks. If you enjoyed the speed up metabolism page, these books are excellent further reading suggestions.



  • Sears, P.A.C.E.


  • Lauren & Clark, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM


On most pages of our website, we aim to recommend the very best books available according to the topic of each page. We endeavor to make the best suggestions based on experience and our many years of work and research in the fields of health and fitness. We suggest only books that we have read and can wholly commend.

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