Low Calorie Menu

A low calorie menu is for those who prefer to count calories, rather than carbohydrates.

However, we recommend counting carbohydrates rather than counting calories, as most people seem to do better counting carbohydrates rather than using a low calorie menu to lose weight.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to count calories, these menus with food counts are quick and easy to prepare.

Of course, if you are following either our free (which is 100% natural foods) or our free low carbohydrate diet, both of which we recommend, it is not necessary to count calories.

On the other hand, if you prefer to count calories it is useful to have some idea of the food counts of a low calorie menu.

In addition, if you have become leptin resistant and/or insulin resistant (many people have without being aware of it), and thereby have great difficult losing weight, then you will need to count both your carbohydrate and calorie intake.

We have also included page links to the 'The Calorie in Fruits Chart' and the 'Calorie in Vegetables Chart.' You will find the page links further down this page.

You may print out the charts and use them daily for counting your calorie intake.


for the menus

total calories / grams of proteins / grams of carbs / grams of fats (grams of saturated fats, if any)

Low calorie menu: 261 -- 324 calories

1 6 oz (uncooked) Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Fillet

290 / 36 / 0 / 15 (3)

The best source of protein is wild caught salmon. As long as it is wild caught, it doesn't have to be sockeye salmon. All sockeye salmon, though, are wild caught.

Unfortunately, even wild caught salmon may not be free from mercury poisoning; it may be wise not to eat salmon more than once or twice a week.

Other excellent protein sources are halibut, herring, mackerel, and sardines.

(We offer an herbs and salmon fillet recipe. You'll find the link to the Recipes page awaiting you further down this page.)


1 XS Protein Shake (Chocolate Fudge)

Plus 1 Apple

301 / 35 / 25 / 7 (1)

The apple may be cored and should be peeled unless it is organic. If not organic, please wash it.

XS protein shakes also come in vanilla and strawberries & cream.

It's difficult to imagine that you wouldn't like at least one of the three flavors.

(The above low calorie menu, contain cow's milk and soy proteins.)


Nutrilite Trim Advantage Sugar Free Drink Mix—Tropical Orange flavor

Plus 1 heaping T FormuCare Natural Fiber Laxative [100% natural psyllium husk fiber]

Plus 1 scoop MuscleLink ProFusion protein powder (vanilla)

Plus 1 T Udo's Choice Green Blend

315 / 39 / 31 / 2 (1)


1 MuscleLink Muscle Meal (Vanilla) in water

324 / 40 / 12 / 11 (3)

This is a very good meal replacement. It also comes in chocolate and orange flavors. It can be a good choice for one's last meal of the day.

(It contains dairy products.)

Low calorie menu: 325-or-more calories

XS Protein Shake (Chocolate Fudge)

Plus 1 Banana

325 / 36 / 31 / 7 (1)

(The shake contains cow's milk and soy proteins.)


One Patty Morningstar Farms Italian Marinara Chik'n

Plus 1 cup of Nonfat Cow's Milk

326 / 20 / 39 / 9 (1)

We include this as a sample of soy-based foods that can replace flesh foods. There are many similar products in the frozen food section of any large grocery store that can be included in your in your calorie meal plans.

(Obviously, this meal contains dairy products.)


1 MuscleLink Muscle Meal (Vanilla) thoroughly blended in water

Plus 1 Apple

405 / 40 / 33 / 12 (3)

You may core the apple, and peel it unless it is organic. If not organic, please wash it. Red Delicious apples are the most nutritious apples. Eating one apply daily is a good practice.

(This above meal contains dairy proteins.)


It's important to eat a good salad every day. Of course, there are many different kinds of salads that you may include in a low calorie diet menu. Ensure, though, that your salads have sufficient protein and that their volume is about one quart.

1 serving of Bean and Balsamic Tuna salad

462 / 41 / 23 / 21 (3)

N.B.: Because tuna are large fish that can become contaminated with mercury, we caution against more than 1 serving of tuna weekly.

Low Calorie Menu -- pages to take you further

For full details of the above Bean and Balsamic Salad recipe, see the menu/ navigation buttons for the Weight Loss Recipes section.

There are also other useful page links below for a low calorie menu, such as free calorie counter charts for fruits and vegetables. Print them out is you wish and use for daily guidance.

Calories in Fruit

Calories in Vegetables

Calories per Day

This is an example of just one of our recipes.

This is a display of a cooked seared salmon, with salad, set out attractively on a red background, with red and blue napkins

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The books are available at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk usually in Kindle and paperback form, and sometimes as hardbacks. If you enjoyed the low calorie menu page, these books are further reading suggestions.



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This completes the low calorie menu page. We do hope you found the information useful and that it helps on your journey to health and weight loss.

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