Low Calorie Meals

This low calorie meals page is for those who are counting calories rather than carbohydrates.

On either the Paleo Diet page or one of the other low carbohydrate diets on this website, it is not necessary to count calories.

We often suggest counting carbohydrates rather than calories, because many people seem to do better that way. However, there's no harm in having some idea of the food counts of a meal.

In addition, if you have become leptin resistant and/or insulin resistant (many people have without being aware of it), and thereby have great difficult losing weight, then you will need to count your intake of both daily carbohydrates and daily calories.

To help you further, we have also included links to the 'The Calorie in Fruits Chart' and the 'Calorie in Vegetables Chart.' You will find the page links further down this page.

You may print them out and use them daily for counting your calorie intake. [The charts also include the carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables.]


total calories / grams of proteins / grams of carbs / grams of fats (grams of saturated fats, if any)

Low Calorie Meals of 210-or-fewer calories

XS Whey Protein (Chocolate or Vanilla) blended in water—2 level scoops

130 / 25 / 3 / 2

A general problem with engineered foods is that they usually have little or no dietary fiber. If you use them, consider supplementing with fiber.

Instead of relying too much on engineered foods or supplements, please rely more on whole foods to meet most of your nutritional needs.

In this case, whey protein is a dairy product, which is not one we evolved consuming. If it upsets your stomach that is why.


XS Whey Protein (Chocolate or Vanilla) blended in water--3 level scoops

195 / 38 / 4 / 3 (1)


XS Energy Drink Cranberry-Grape

Plus ¼ Cup of Walnuts

208 / 6 / 5 / 20

Since this lacks protein, it's a snack rather than a low calorie meal. XS energy drinks are a delicious, premium line of American-made energy drinks; some flavors, like this one, also come caffeine-free. They are an excellent source of B12.

We include this to remind you that nuts are an excellent food; however, since they are high in calories, please don't include too many per day in your low calorie meals.

Low Calorie Meals of 211 -- 230 calories

XS Whey protein (Chocolate or Vanilla) blended in water—2 scoops

Plus 1 Apple

211 / 25 / 24 / 2

(The above contains dairy products.)


1 XS Protein Shake (Chocolate Fudge)

220 / 35 / 4 / 6 (1)

(This above contains cow's milk and soy proteins.)


1 c Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup Lentil & Vegetables

Plus 1/2 cup of Nonfat Cottage Cheese

230 / 21 / 35 / 0


1 six oz (uncooked) Yellowfin Tuna Steak (sashimi grade)

Plus 1/2 cup broccoli

Plus 10 baby carrots

222 / 42 / 9 / 2 (1)

(Unsure how to cook it? You may bake, broil or grill it. You may eat the vegetables raw or steam them.)

For the herb and tuna steak recipe, or other fish recipes, you may wish to visit the Weight Loss Recipes page. If so, see the page link further down this page.

N.B.: Because tuna is a large fish that can become contaminated with mercury, we recommend having no more than 1 serving of tuna weekly.

Low Calorie Meals of 231 -- 260 calories

1 cup of Nonfat Cottage Cheese

Plus 1 cup of Strawberries [where berries are included you may substitute whatever berries you prefer].

232 / 29 / 28 / 0

Eat a variety of berries. Blueberries are the most nutritious kind of berries. We recommend including one or two cups of berries daily in your low calorie meals.

(This above meal contains a dairy product.)


½ c Nonfat Cottage Cheese

Plus a South Beach Diet Cinnamon-Raisin Bar

Plus 1/3 cup of Nonfat Milk

250 / 25 / 20 / 5 (3)

There is a plethora of protein and meal replacement bars on the market that you can use as the foundation for satisfactory low calorie meals.

However, even though they can be delicious, we recommend eating not more than one a day.

(The above meal contains dairy and soy products.)

Example of how to eat weight loss foods

Here is a classic example of how to eat weight loss food:

A source of protein plus 2 servings of vegetables, or, alternatively, a source of protein plus 1 serving of vegetable and 1 fruit.

Please keep it in mind as you think about what to eat. If most of your meals have this structure you will lose body fat and keep it off.

Fish make excellent low calorie meals. Vegetables are also excellent low calorie meals, if you choose your vegetables wisely. Fruits are also low calories meals (unless they are high in carbs and you are counting carbs rather than calories).

[If you are able bodied, you can lose more weight if you follow the suggestions from the exercise sections of this website.]

Further Suggestions for Low Calorie Meals

You may wish to visit the 'Calories Per Day' page, the 'Low Calorie Menu' page, the 'Weight Loss Recipes' page, the 'Calories in Fruits Chart' or the 'Calories in Vegetables Chart.' [You may print out the charts for daily guidance if you wish.]

To visit those pages, you will find the links below.

The Calories per Day page is at the very bottom of this page.

Calories in Fruit

Calories in Vegetables

Low Calorie Menu

An example of one of our weight loss recipes:

This is the graphic of a seared cod fish recipe set out attractively on a black oval plate, with red napkins.

Highly recommended books for weight loss

The books are available at some good bookstores, especially Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, usually in Kindle and paperback form, sometimes as hardbacks. The books below are excellent further reading.



  • D. E. Bradford, HOW TO EAT LESS -- EASILY!

  • Bennett & Sinatra's SUGAR SHOCK!

On most pages of our website, we aim to recommend the very best books available according to the topic of each page. We endeavor to make the best suggestions based on experience and our many years of work and research in the fields of health and fitness. We suggest only books that we have read and can wholly commend

A link to the above external video, for those who might want to save it.

This completes the calorie meals page. We do hope you found the information useful and that it will help on your journey to health and weight loss.

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