Exercises for Weight Loss (Part 1)

What are the most effective exercises for weight loss? How can we burn more body fat? This page is the introduction to the more specific pages of this website that provide the answer.

Those pages will show you exactly what to do to burn more body fat. Since the instructions are clear, detailed, and step-by-step, they won't fit on one page. We like to provide you with everything you need to know.

1. We look at exercises in general and helpful associated behaviors.

2. We look at strength training and intense fitness exercise, which are the very best fat burners.

3. We look at mild fitness exercise, which is the best way to burn fat during exercise.

4. We look at how to maximize the benefits by eating well and taking control of your thoughts.

So, let's find out more!

Choosing the correct physical exercises

Are you doing the right kinds of exercises for weight loss?

Are you doing strength training, mild fitness training, and intense fitness training? If you are not, then you are not utilizing the best exercises.

Our basic exercise recommendation is simple and requires less than 2 hours weekly: 2 whole body strength training sessions of about thirty to forty minutes each and 2 intense fitness training sessions of about ten to twenty minutes each.

If you want more exercise than that, simply go for one brisk walk weekly (or do the equivalent mild fitness training) for thirty to sixty minutes.

Those are the best exercises for weight loss. For every 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of weight you lose, you'll be losing 1 pound of fat.

We show you exactly how to implement these recommendations in a safe, step-by-step manner.

You'll find these implementation instructions by having a look at the following pages of our website.

  • Strength Training
  • Mild Fitness Training
  • Intense Fitness Training

Alternatively, if the above three forms of exercise are new to you or you are just beginning to exercise, please read our introduction to physical exercises:

  • Exercises to Lose Weight.

In case you need them, you will find the links to all the above pages awaiting you on our sitemap/index.

Healthy eating is essential

Unless you are already following a healthy eating plan, you are not maximizing the benefits of any physical exercise that you may be doing. Exercise is time-consuming and can be hard work. Why not maximize its benefits by eating well?

To learn more about this, see our Paleo Diet page. You will find the page link listed on our site map/index.

However, what if you are using the best exercises, eating well, and you are still stuck? What should you do if you aren't losing about 1 pound of fat weekly?

It's a matter of adjusting your exercise plan, the way you are performing your exercises, what you are eating, or all three. Tweak what you are doing according to the feedback you are receiving.

To find specific ways to adjust your eating, see the Fat Burning Boost section of our website, which includes the four healthy eating guidelines. You will find it listed on the menu/navigation buttons.

Additionally, to improve your thinking about being stuck, see the 'Obstacles' section of our website. You will find it listed on the sitemap/index.

Add supportive aids to exercises for weight loss

In addition to physical exercises for weight loss, please use our psychological and spiritual aids so that you are maximizing the results of your physical training by benefiting the whole you.

Addressing the whole you will treat the causes of weight gain. Since supporting the whole person promotes a balance that makes weight loss lasting, think of this triple approach as three different but complementary kinds of exercises for weight loss.

For treating emotional eating, which can block the benefits of exercise, see the 'Emotional Eating' section of our website, which is listed on the navigation/menu buttons.

For meditation as an aid to weight loss, see the 'Meditation' section of our website, which is also listed on the navigation/menu buttons.

For how to improve your thinking in relation to weight loss, see the 'Psychology section of our website.

You will find all the page links listed on our site map/index.

Supporting the whole you is the quickest way for you to enjoy permanent weight loss. Please use all our suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your exercise program for weight loss.

Web pages to help you further

You may now wish to move on to:

Exercises for Weight Loss (part 2).

In part 2, above, we specifically look at strength training, intense fitness exercise, and mild fitness exercise. Used in the correct combination, those are THE exercises for fat loss. "Correct" means neither too little nor too much.

Alternatively, use the link at the very bottom of this page to go to 'FAT BURNING EXERCISES,' which is the main page in the exercise section of our website.

Recommended books for exercises for weight loss

The books are available at some good bookstores, especially Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, usually in Kindle and paperback form, sometimes as hardbacks. If you found this exercises for weight loss page informative, these books are excellent further reading suggestions.


  • A. Sears, P.A.C.E.

  • Lauren & Clark, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM


  • Wendler, 5/3/1

On most pages of our website, we aim to recommend the very best books available according to the topic of each page. We endeavor to make the best suggestions based on experience and our many years of work and research in the fields of health and fitness. We suggest only books that we have read and can wholly commend.

Here is a useful external article:

Mild cardio walking is simple, free, and has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic conditions, such some cancers, stoke, obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and asthma. See the National Health Service's:

Walking for Health Guide.

Here is a useful video. HIIT -- high intensity interval training cardio For those who have progressed beyond mild cardio fitness exercise, this video demonstrates interval training on three different pieces of equipment. Twice weekly is fine; it will be intense, so it must be brief. Notice he states that intense cardio is secondary to good nutrition and strength training if you are trying to lose body fat.

The page is now complete. We hope you found the exercises for weight loss (with an overview of choices) useful and helpful.

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