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This page is about the calories in vegetables. In this section of our site are free charts for fruits and vegetables

You may print out the free counter charts if you wish and use them as daily guides for natural weight loss that will last.

These charts are useful for not only weight loss but also weight maintenance once you have reached your target weight.

The page link to the Calories in Fruit Chart awaits you further down this page.

The Vegetable Calorie Chart shows the calories in fresh (not canned) vegetables.

This graphic shows an attractive display of mainly leafy green vegetables of many various types, in a wicker basket.

Vegetables are part of a healthy diet but not all vegetables are equal in calories.

Some vegetables are much higher in calories than others are.

Therefore, choose wisely.

The calorie counts listed are for baked, boiled, or steamed vegetables with nothing yet added such as butter.

So, let's find out more about vegetable calories!


Calories in vegetables given as average portion 3½ oz (100g) unless otherwise stated Calories per portion stated Carbohydrates per portion stated
Aubergine (eggplant), raw, 3½ oz (100g) 15 2.2
Alfalfa sprouts, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 24 0.4
Artichoke Jerusalem, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 41 10.6
Asparagus, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 22 4
Asparagus, canned, drained, 3½ oz (100g) 19 3
Bamboo shoots, canned, 3½ oz (100g) 11 0.7
Beansprouts mung, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 31 4
Beetroot, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 36 4.6
Beetroot, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 46 9.5
Beetroot, pickled, drained, 3½ oz (100g) 28 5.6
Broccoli, green, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 24 1.3
Broccoli, green, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 33 1.8
Broccoli, purple, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 19 1.3
Broccoli, purple, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 35 2.6
Brussels Sprouts, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 35 3.1
Cabbage spring, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 18 0.6
Cabbage Chinese, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 12 1
Cabbage red, boiled/steamed 3½ oz (100g) 29 7
Cabbage Savoy, boiled/steamed/raw, 3½ oz (100g) 24 5
Cabbage, white or green raw, 3½ oz (100g) 28 6
Capsicum Pepper, green, raw 3½ oz (100g) 15 2.6
Capsicum Pepper, red, raw 3½ oz (100g) 32 6.4
Carrots, old, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 24 4.9
Carrots, young, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 30 6
Cassava chips, 3½ oz (100g) 354 92
Cassava, steamed, 3½ oz (100g) 142 37
Cauliflower, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 28 2.3
Celeriac, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 18 2.3
Celery, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 7 0.9
Corn, baby sweetcorn, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 24 2.7
Corn kernels, canned, 3½ oz (100g) 123 27
Corn kernels, raw 3½ oz (100g) 93 17
Corn-on-cob, boiled, plain, 3½ oz (100g) 66 11.6
Courgette (Zucchini), raw, 3½ oz (100g) 18 1.8
Curly Kale, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 35 1.4
Cucumber, unpeeled, raw 3½ oz (100g) 10 1.5
Chicory, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 14 1
Eggplant (aubergine), raw, 3½ oz (100g) 15 2.2
Endive (Escarole), 3½ oz (100g) 11 2.8
Fennel, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 12 1.8
Garlic, fresh, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 98 16
Leeks, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 22 2.9
Lettuce leaf, butterhead, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 12 1.2
Lettuce, cos, romaine, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 16 1.7
Lettuce, Iceberg, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 13 1.9
Marrow, boiled, 3½ oz (100g) 9 1.6
Mushrooms, common, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 13 0.4
Potatoes, new, boiled/steamed, 3½ oz (100g) 75 17
Potatoes, old, boiled/steamed 3½ oz (100g) 86 20
Potatoes, roasted in oil, 3½ oz (100g) 151 27
Potato, 1 medium baked (6.1 oz or 173g) 161 37
Okra, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 31 3
Onions, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 64 7.9
Parsnip, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 64 12.5
Peas, frozen, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 66 9.3
Peas, fresh, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 83 11.3
Pumpkin, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 13 2.2
Radish, red, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 12 2
Spinach, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 25 1.6
Squash, butternut, baked, 3½ oz (100g) 32 7.4
Squash spaghetti, baked, 3½ oz (100g) 75 18
Zucchini (Courgette), raw, 3½ oz (100g) 18 1.8
Sweet potato, baked, 3½ oz (100g) 115 28
Tomatoes, canned, & liquid, 3½ oz (100g) 16 3
Tomatoes cherry, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 18 3
Tomatoes, ordinary, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 17 3
Water chestnuts, canned, 3½ oz (100g) 28 7
Watercress, raw, 3½ oz (100g) 22 0.4
Yam, baked, 3½ oz (100g) 153 37.5
Zucchini (Courgette), raw, 3½ oz (100g) 18 1.8

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Because boiling vegetables leech out valuable nutrients such as minerals, it is better to steam them whenever possible or just eat them raw.

Use organic vegetables if possible.

If you are unable to use organic vegetables, at least use fresh rather than canned or frozen vegetables.

Otherwise, generally, frozen vegetables are preferable to canned vegetables.

Now that you know about the vegetables, the link for fruits is given directly below.


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