Best Weight Loss Plans -- to create a metabolic furnace

Using the best weight loss plans -- very specific exercises and eating habits -- can create a metabolic furnace to transform your body whether you are just a little overweight or obese.

Here is everything you need to switch to a fat-burning metabolism from a sugar-burning metabolism. These best weight loss plans are the result of over 80 combined research.

Why don't more diet and exercise programs help more people to lose fat and achieve permanent fat loss?

The reason that most programs fail is that they focus on diet and exercise but fail to consider the underlying causes of weight gain. The fat loss diet and exercise programs on this site DO correct the underlying causes.

A few pounds to lose or a whole lot more?

Here are fat burning exercises and fat burning foods designed to work in orchestration, to boost metabolism and change body composition.

This results in lasting natural weight loss.

Whether you have a few pounds to lose or a whole lot more, the best weight loss plans, which include not only a change in eating habits but also a choice of various types of exercise, will work for you.

There are many pages on this website. On this page, we outline the best weight loss plans.

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We give you a more extreme eating plan for both optimum health and weight loss, which is the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet and a less extreme eating plan, which is the Low Carbohydrate Diet. Both these diets are listed on the site map.

If you are looking for quick improvements and adopt the (Paleolithic) Paleo diet for just four weeks, you'll begin to notice important, significant improvements. It's the most important component of the diet and exercise plans that we recommend.

Best weight loss plans to exercise or not

If you also add at least regular brisk walking by using our free Walking for Weight Loss Plans, you will look and feel much better in just a few weeks. The walking for weight loss plans is designed to burn extra calories. You'll find the page links to both these free exercise programs listed on the sitemap/index. If you don't like exercise at all, walking is probably the best way to do some.

On the other hand, walking (like other kinds of mild fitness exercise) has two disadvantages. First, it's time-consuming. Second, since brisk walking does burn body fat while walking after about 20 minutes (depending upon your fitness level), it trains your body to store body fat for the next walk!

This is the opposite of what you want. If you have tried to walk for weight loss and failed, this probably explains it. Since both strength training and intense fitness-exercise does a much better job burning fat after exercising than walking, if you are willing to do them, they are a much better alternative than walking.

We especially recommend using our free Strength Training Program once or twice a week. Both strength training and intense fitness exercise will increase your quantity of muscle, which is your METABOLIC FURNACE. Strength training will burn extra calories 24 HOURS a day, not just when you are exercising. You are never too old to begin. Young or old, male or female, everyone can lose body fat this way. You'll find the page link to the strength-training exercise program on the sitemap/index.

We recommend doing a whole-body strength training routine once or twice weekly. Each session may last about 30 or 40 minutes or as few as 10 minutes. We also recommend doing intense fitness exercise two or three times weekly. Excluding warm-ups and cool-downs, each session will last less than 10 minutes. If you are not now fit, we recommend Graded Exercise Protocol [GXP], which is easier than higher intensity alternatives. (Our "running fat loss" page explains how to do GXP.)

The excellent extras of our best weight loss plans

Whether you exercise or not and whether you do anything beyond walking or not, it's critical to eat well if you want to achieve lasting weight loss.

For how to boost your metabolism by eating better see our Foods that Speed Up Metabolism page and our Fat Burning Diet Food page.

Our best weight loss plans provide the best of both worlds. We give you the basic solid fundamentals and the extras. All you have to do is to adopt them.

Are you too stressed? Is stress causing you to eat too much, or eat the wrong food, which leads to weight gain? Do you want a quick breathing exercise that can be used anytime throughout the day to lower blood pressure or as an aid to relaxation? You'll find a simple technique on the Breathing Exercise page of our website.

Do you want to learn how to decrease your stress level for good? We explain on this website and in several of our books exactly how to meditate.

See the Meditation for Weight Loss page of our website. It's listed on the menu/navigation buttons.

Do you want good books to read on eating well, fat burning, exercising well, or related topics? We have a free list for you of the best self-help books we have read. The list is the result of over 80 combined years of research. The link to that page is also listed on the site index.

Learning more doesn't just pay off in lasting weight loss it's also fun. Start wherever you like. As soon as you learn something new that makes sense to you, implement it. Observe the results you obtain, tweak it as necessary, and then go on to your improve other habits. So there's a lot more on this website than just diet and exercise plans.

We give you more, though, on this website than just information about how to eat and exercise well. We have an entire section of free psychological aids pages. These tools can really help.

Alternatively, is compulsive overeating or emotional overeating a problem for you? Is it causing weight gain? Do you want to know how you can stop in 6 simple steps? If so, you will find that information further down this page.

How to establish habits for the best weight loss plans

It's not easy to establish the right habits; however, once established they make living well much easier. There is an enormous amount of confusion about free diet exercise programs. To cut through the confusion, it helps to keep a clear model in mind.

Actually, there are two such models.

First, the best models are your own ancestors.

You are the successful result of millions of years of evolution. It has only been in the last 12,000 years or so that what we eat and how we move has begun to deviate seriously from our lean and healthy fore-bearers.

The reason that our free diet exercise programs are effective is that they are based on this scientific understanding of our bodies. There simply has not been enough time since the First Agricultural Revolution for us to evolve so that we can flourish, for example, without moving much (instead of doing lots of walking and lifting as our lean and healthy ancestors did) or so that we can flourish by eating unnatural refined, processed carbohydrates.

Our lean and healthy ancestors never ate such foods.

Our ancestors are no longer around to show us how

However, our ancestors are no longer around to show us.

Fortunately, there's a second excellent model. The second model is natural fitness models, bodybuilders, certain athletes such as swimmers and gymnasts, and many movie stars.

As a group, they have trim and strong bodies. (‘Natural’ here means that they have never taken anabolic steroids.)

If you know any of the habits of these people or know about them, you will know that, almost without exception, they eat carefully, do fitness (cardio) exercise, and do strength training. Of the possible groups of people to select as physical models today, they come the closest to our lean and healthy ancestors. Our best weight loss plans work because, in effect, their dietary and exercise habits emulate what own ancestors and these contemporary models do.

Furthermore, thanks to the blessings of modern civilization such as modern medicine, we don’t have the daily hazards in our lives that our ancestors faced. If we take good care of ourselves, we can enjoy all the advantages of civilization without its deleterious impact on us individuals.

Our best weight loss plans, then, provide the best of both worlds. All you have to do is to adopt them! Here on this site, we present our research findings. We explain what our research discovered and set out the natural weight loss solutions for you to follow step-by-step.

One small step at a time is all it takes to begin any journey. We are here to help you on your journey to weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Plans pages to help you further

To increase your understanding of the best weight loss plans, see the following pages:


and, of course, the best weight loss plans include


Compulsive Overeating or Emotional Overeating

Alternatively, is compulsive overeating or emotional overeating a problem for you? Is it causing weight gain? Do you want to know how you can stop in 6 simple steps?

If so, we highly recommend this book -- it has a number one bestseller badge at Amazon:

Compulsive Overeating Help: How You Can Stop in 6 Simple Steps!

Books for the best weight loss plans

The books are available at some good bookstores, especially and, usually in Kindle and paperback form, sometimes as hardbacks. If you found the best weight loss plans informative, these books are excellent further reading suggestions.


  • D. E. Bradford, HOW TO EAT LESS -- EASILY!

  • L. Cordain, THE PALEO DIET


  • Al Sears, P.A.C.E.
  • M. Lauen & J. Clark, YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM

On most pages of our website, we aim to recommend the very best books available according to the topic of each page. We endeavor to make the best suggestions based on experience and our many years of work and research in the fields of health and fitness. We suggest only books that we have read and can wholly commend.

Is a ketogenic approach the best weight loss diet?

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