Best Weight Loss Food

There are many types of best weight loss food.

The types that are best for fat loss are those that suit you as an individual.

Avoid any meal with foods to which you are intolerant.

You may be mildly allergic or have intolerance to certain kinds of foods without knowing it.

If so, you may suffer from food intolerance that is causing physical problems including weight gain.

As we suggest throughout this website, it's important to eat smaller meals more frequently than larger meals less frequently.

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1. 'Ways to Increase Metabolism,'

2. 'Free Diet Programs.'

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Our suggestions about the best weight loss food

If you eat naturally, it is not necessary to count calories.

Furthermore, a calorie is not always a calorie in the sense that the timing of consuming certain nutrients is important. Still, some people prefer to know about how many calories they are consuming. The following list is organized in terms of total calories to make it more useful to calorie counters. If you are not a calorie counter, there's no problem--don't worry about it. If you are a calorie counter, we encourage you to stop doing that and simply focus on counting carbohydrates with either the

1. 'Paleo (Paleolithic) Diet,'

2. 'The Low Carb Diet.'

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1. 'Fat Burning Foods, which you can use freely

2. 'List of Refined Processed Carbohydrates, to avoid or strictly limit.

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We recommend eating a small meal every 3 to 5 waking hours. You will not be eating more food, you will simply be spreading it throughout the day.

However, if you have trouble sleeping, it's best not to eat for several hours before bedtime.

In general, a meal should consist of an ample supply of protein from a natural source and one or two servings of non-starchy vegetables. It's that simple.

In the suggestions that follow, we have listed specific brand names; if you use different brands, you should, if necessary, adjust the food count figures. Though they work well for us, the brands that we happen to use are not necessarily better than other brands.

The food count figures given are approximations that rely on either the manufacturer or on standard food counts sources (for example, Corinne Netzer's The Complete Book of Food Counts). The numbers given apply to the whole meal, not individual ingredients. We've rounded them off to the nearest half number, or, in the case of '.5,' up to the next whole number.

Carbs listed are "net."

Trans-fats should always be avoided; they are not listed because the following meals don't have any.

Fiber also isn't usually listed, but please ensure that, if you are male, it's best to ingest at least 45 grams daily and, if you are female, at least 32 grams daily (and more would be better).

Both protein shakes for workouts and weight loss shakes are listed on their own pages [see the site map/index.]

We provide these examples of weight loss meals only as samples.

Please use them to develop a list of your own meals that match your needs for fat loss. Having a personalized best weight loss food list, makes preparing weight loss food easy. Please use this list as a source of ideas for creating a list that works well for you.

As we emphasize on our web page Releasing a Psychological Trap, we are all different. It would be silly to expect a petite female who doesn't do strength training and who has multiple food intolerances to lose body fat using exactly the same food that works well for a large male bodybuilder with no food intolerances.

There's no good substitute for working out a sensible program of weight loss meal plans that work well specifically for you. Using the principles articulated in other sections of this website that concern food, experiment and be guided by your results.

Meals may be very simple. The best weight loss food is natural, in other words, the food an ancestor of yours could have eaten tens of thousands of years ago. Again, an example would be a piece of fish and some (preferably organic) vegetables.

Another example would be a piece of cooked, natural meat, one serving of a nonstarchy vegetable, and a handful of berries. When you think of the best weight loss food, think of meals like that.

In general, keep it simple. Assuming that you are using them in conjunction with the other suggestions from this website concerning a Paleolithic or low carb diet, consuming meals similar to those listed here will enable you to achieve lasting weight loss.

Calories versus carbohydrates

For most people, counting carbohydrates is easier and more important than counting calories. (We recommend not exceeding a total of 25 grams of carbohydrates daily for at least six days of the week.)

However, some people need to count calories as well as carbohydrates if they are very insulin resistant.

For those folks, the sample meal plans on the first two pages listed below are given in order of calories.

210-or-fewer calories to 260
Low Calorie Meals part 1 and part 2

261 -- 324 calories
Low Calorie Menu, part 3

To enhance your weight loss efforts, see the following page of our website. That page will provide you with a list of Fat Burning Foods and teach you about the thermic (fat burning) effect of foods.

15 Fat Burning Foods

Alternatively, use the link at the very bottom of this page to return to 'Calories Per Day,' which is the first page in this section of our website.

Recommended books for the best weight loss food

If you want to gain more control to improve your weight loss and eating habits, the following books are highly recommended.

These are our top suggestions:



  • D. E. Bradford, HOW TO EAT LESS -- EASILY!

  • Bennett & Sinatra's SUGAR SHOCK!

  • L. Cordain, THE PALEO DIET

  • Braly & Hoggan, DANGEROUS GRAINS

  • The above books are in stock at (for the USA) and (for the UK)

  • The best weight loss food: Does cutting carbs or calories burn fat faster?

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