Best Way to Burn Fat

What's the best way to burn fat? The answer is simple: switch your body from burning sugar to burning stored body fat. Permit us to explain.

Let's begin by understanding the following two important facts.

First, when burned, all carbohydrates become sugar.

Second, your body prefers getting its energy from sugar rather than from fat or protein.

It immediately follows that, when you reduce carbohydrate consumption, your body will metabolize less sugar and more stored body fat, which is just what you want!

Though this answer about the best way to burn fat is easy to understand, it is not easy to implement.

Nonetheless, it is the way to burn body fat and transform your body.

So, let's find out more.

Why isn't it easy?

Most of us love consuming carbohydrates.

Most of us especially love consuming refined processed carbohydrates, like the ones in the graphic above!

Who doesn’t?

If you are unsure what refined processed carbohydrates are, you can view a list on another page of this website.

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If you are overweight or obese it is likely that you are addicted (usually without being aware of it) to refined processed carbohydrates.

If you break that addiction cold turkey, it’s likely that you will temporarily experience withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, tension, irritability or headaches for a few days.

Unfortunately, some people are not prepared to tolerate that.

So, because consuming carbohydrates is pleasurable, especially refined processed carbohydrates, and not consuming them can be initially unpleasant, some people tend to keep consuming them even though they understand that the best way to burn fat is to stop consuming them.

A Third Important Fact

It is easier to lose body weight than it is to sustain weight loss.

So, even if we force ourselves to restrict carbohydrate consumption long enough to lose a significant amount of body fat, once we hit our target percentage of body fat we naturally relax. We permit ourselves to ingest a slightly greater amount of carbohydrates.

Hey, if a little is good, isn’t a lot even better? Then we fall back into old refined processed carbohydrate consumption habits and, soon, we have regained body fat.

Once we go through that yo-yo cycle a couple of times, we may quit trying. We may decide we are failures. We worry about being too fat and about failing, and then soothe the worry with some cake or cookies!

So, merely understanding the best way to burn fat is insufficient. It’s important to understand how to implement that understanding correctly. This is why the cure rate for obesity is so low. It can be cured, but doing it requires serious “lifestyle” changes that are difficult to make.

This is why we provide you on this website with a lot of free assistance that goes way beyond eating well and exercising well.

Yes, the best way to burn fat is to eat well. Eating well means restricting or eliminating all refined processed carbohydrates most days. In addition, it includes restricting all carbohydrate intake most days; we recommend no more than 25 grams daily most days if you are serious about fat loss.

It's critical to consume plenty of protein. Protein should be the basis of each meal.

How much should you consume? The number of daily grams of protein should be at least equal to the number of pounds of your lean body weight. Furthermore, you should consume it frequently, every 3 to 5 waking hours. Spread your daily consumption throughout those meals.

Why should you eat that way to burn fat?

There are a number of reasons why you should eat that way.

It will maximize the thermic effect of protein; your body will burn many more calories digesting protein than it will digesting either fats or carbohydrates.

It will eliminate hunger.

It will prevent you from going into a negative nitrogen balance, which would signal that you are losing lean muscle.

It will also minimize cravings.

It's important to get the protein you eat from natural sources. If you do, you will also be consuming plenty of good fats.

These fats are satisfying as well as tasty. (Don't worry: if you are not consuming carbohydrates, eating fat won't make you fat.)

Drink plenty of clean water. 'Plenty' means at least 2 quarts and more if you are working hard physically. Limit the consumption of all beverages containing calories.

Having some green tea, which may be sweetened with stevia, is fine. Restrict alcohol consumption to not more than 1 drink daily for women or 2 drinks daily for men.

It's very helpful also to exercise. Exercising well is hard work. Not only will it burn calories by ramping up your metabolic rate, but also it will encourage you to eat well so that you maximize its benefits. (In other sections of this website, we explain exactly how to do both fitness exercise and strength training.)

Have a cheat day

Have a cheat day about once a week. That's right: cheating properly can aid fat loss! As always, of course, don't do this without the advanced blessing of your physician. Cheating properly not only provides a welcome psychological break, but also it helps to prevent your body from going into starvation mode and slowing your metabolic rate, which is the opposite of what you want.

The key hormones are leptin and insulin. Because they rise and fall together, if you eat (high glycemic index) carbs and fats together (as in a pizza), you will spike both your leptin and insulin levels. Normally, it's a bad idea to have an insulin spike. In this case, though, unless you are diabetic, the leptin spike is what is important.

If you seriously restrict carbohydrate consumption most days of the week, your leptin level will decline by about half. That signals a decline in your metabolic rate (because your body thinks you are starving) as well as fat burning. You are also likely to feel less energetic.

To combat that, a once-a-week leptin (and insulin) spike is all that is needed to restore your leptin level to normal. That's why a cheat day is important for lasting weight loss. It's the best way to burn fat in a lasting way.

Here's how to maximize the fat burning effects of your cheat day. First, even on your cheat day, do not eat until you feel stuffed. Instead, eat until your hunger disappears and then stop eating.

On the day following your cheat day, restrict calories and do a strength training routine.

Make it work for you

Make the best way to burn fat work for you. Eating well and exercising well are a potent synergistic combination. In other words, they reinforce each other.

Once you make them work for you, you may well soon find yourself superior to your peers in terms of physical well-being. That, in turn, usually provides psychological reinforcement for continued eating well and exercising well.

If you lose fat in this way, you will reduce your chances of suffering from the diseases of civilization such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The good news is that all the diseases of civilization are preventable!

It's important to understand that it's not just eating well and exercising well that are important for lasting weight loss. That's why we also provide additional psychological aids here on this website that you may find helpful.

So understanding the best way to burn fat really can lead to lasting weight loss.

In fact, because letting go of bad habits and replacing them with good habits is not easy, by reducing your percentage of body fat and keeping it reduced it is quite likely that you are going to feel much better about other aspects of your life as well.

Ultimately, the reason to use your understanding of the best way to burn fat is to improve the quality of your life.

We provide yet another aid to help you in that regard: our section on meditation. Learning how to quiet your mind automatically leads to greater ease and comfort. By itself, having a quieter mind automatically undermines the tendency to use foods like refined processed carbohydrates for emotional comfort.

So, instead of thinking of having too much body fat as an obstacle, we invite you to begin to think about it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to make improvements in the way that you live that will have positive reverberations even beyond the physical aspect of life.

Yes, physical well-being is very important. However, it is hardly the only aspect of life that is important. The good news is that improving your physical well-being can lead to improvements in other important aspects of your life.

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