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Why is consulting with a weight loss coach a good idea? Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Furthermore, the parents and teachers you had were not perfect.

Your experiences were unique, and the lessons that you learned might not be the best ones for living well today.

We all also have built-in biases that we don't realize we have. Although these biases can be useful, they also distort our understanding.

We all have cognitive blind spots. What is really insidious is that we don't realize that we have them! They seem natural, but they distort everything.

In fact, you probably have problems that are blocking you, and you are not even aware that you are being blocked!

Why not get some free help from a professional? Even a relatively brief session with a good advisor may help you identify problems that you already have and point you toward solutions to them.

Personalized Help

Dr. Bradford understands how to lose weight quickly and naturally.

Being too heavy is the result of being out of balance. If you'd like to understand how to restore balance in your life and naturally reduce your percentage of body fat, we suggest purchasing and studying his book Compulsive Overeating Help. It's available at Amazon.com.

If you would like some guidance about how to eat better, we suggest reading his short book How to Eat Less -- Easily!, which is also available at Amazon.com.

If you want to lose belly fat quickly and naturally without hunger, our book Belly Fat Blast is also available at Amazon.com.

Follow the simple instructions in Belly Fat Blast to lose weight quickly and then follow the simple instructions in How to Eat Less -- Easily! to keep the weight off.

There's a lot of additional free material about how to flourish physically at Dr. Bradford's blog. Using the navbar on its left, scroll down to the Physical Well-Being section and read any posts that interest you. To go to the blog, just click here: Dr. Bradford's blog.

If you are really struggling and are willing and able to pay for a personalized consultation, you may sign up at:

Consulting Weight Loss Coach

Here, then, are three initial book suggestions:

  • Bradford's Compulsive Overeating Help
  • Bradford's How to Eat Less -- Easily!
  • Bradford & Wright's Belly Fat Blast

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