Natural Weight Loss the Paleolithic approach to health

Natural weight loss through the Paleolithic approach to health are the topics of this site. The photograph on the left shows just a few of the many foods that you are allowed to eat by following our free program.

The strategies presented here on this website are the result of 80 years of combined research.

If you're worn out from riding the weight roller coaster, you're home!

I'm Dr. Dennis Bradford, the co-webmaster of this website [that's a photograph of me on the left of this page].

My co-webmaster (and best friend) is Anna Foster (Wright). She's also the popular online author sometimes known as 'Keats.' Our many years of research has found that treating the underlying causes of weight gain, and using specific foods, results in not only fat loss but also improved health.

Our research transforms body and health!

We give you the natural physical, mental, and psychological tips that make lasting natural weight loss now possible.

There are about 130 pages on this site, which are too many to list on the sidebar menu. However, they can all be found on the sitemap, which is found at the bottom of the menu buttons.

My co-webmaster and I have in our ancestries: metabolic syndrome, overweight and obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, ulcerative colitis, stroke, systemic lupus erythematosus, acne, asthma, arthritis, joint pains, carbohydrate cravings, binge eating, food addictions, mood disorders, and more.

We wanted to avoid all that they had endured.

Therefore, we have each had powerful motivation to intensively research and understand the causes and the cures. So, that was how our research originally began! Hence, we progressed onward and upward until we had all the current answers! Moreover, our research continues to dig deeper for further answers.

NOW, as a result of that research here is the website and it's all about freely enabling you to benefit. You are about to learn from us the effective practices that have worked for many, many others before you.

You will read about the ways in which those individuals transformed their body.

Now you can do the same!

If you are too heavy, you may have a tendency to blame yourself. No need. What you lack is understanding. The good news is that you are now able to improve your understanding right here. You'll find this website comprehensive and you'll be shown the natural way forward step-by-step.

Bookmark the site and return as often as you like. Proceed at whatever pace is best for you. Whether you have just a few pounds to lose or a whole lot more, our free programs will enable you to reduce weight, or cure obesity, at an effective pace for you.

One small step at a time is all it takes to begin any journey!

If you are too heavy, especially if you have tried to reduce your weight before, you may feel as though you confront a huge problem. However, what you have before you is an opportunity for natural weight loss.

How is natural weight loss possible?

The reason that most weight loss programs fail is that they focus primarily on diet and exercise. They are not concerned with treating the underlying causes of excess body fat.

Our program does focus on underlying causes.

Then we recommend specific fat burning foods, and specific fat burning exercises, designed to work in orchestration, to speed up metabolism and improve body composition. The fat burning foods form part of a natural diet. Your body has been designed to flourish consuming these natural Paleolithic diet foods.

The higher a food’s “thermic effect” (the caloric cost for your body to process the food) the more it will boost your metabolism.

In addition to their notable thermic effect, these are the best foods to eat to avoid diet related diseases such insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

This results in natural weight loss that lasts.

We show you what our research discovered and set out the best weight loss plans for you to follow. Now let yourself have positive expectations of your ability to burn body fat and naturally transform your body!

May your journey toward natural weight loss be even more rewarding than you imagine.

A. Foster (Wright) and D. E. Bradford, Ph.D.


I wish to acknowledge my best friend and co-webmaster of the site Anna Foster (Wright) for her numerous perceptive and insightful articles and answers across the Internet in general (over 1,000,000 contributions at just, alone) about food and related diseases. I also thank her for her many written contributions on this our own website and her inspirations and editing in many of our published books. I thank her for persistent advocacy of clearer prose, and for designing and constructing the look of this website, all the illustrations, graphics, photographs, page layouts, and our book covers.

OUR PUBLISHED BOOKS [on a variety of subjects]

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  • How to Stop Emotional Eating: Take Command of Overeating
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  • Emotional Eating: How to Stop Overeating, Dieting, and Binge Eating Naturally!
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