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Our free diet programs are effective for weight loss that will last.

These programs give the physical, mental, and psychological practices that make lasting fat loss possible.

So, what criteria should you use when choosing a diet?

There are many dietary programs available online and from your local library.

If you were to commit to an ordinary program the odds would be 49 out of 50 that you would end up more discouraged than when you started.

The reason is that the majority of programs fail to restore balance and achieve lasting weight loss.

This is because most diet and exercise programs fail to treat the underlying causes of weight gain.

So, let's find out more.

The approach to our free diet programs

Our diet and exercise programs do treat underlying causes and that works for weight loss that lasts.

The free programs presented on our website explain all the physical, mental, and psychological practices that make permanent fat loss possible in an effective and natural way.

Whether you have a few pounds of body fat to lose or a whole lot more, our programs will work for you.

Why don't more dietary programs help more people to lose weight and achieve permanent fat loss?

Well, it's because achieving permanent fat loss involves more factors than people initially think.

They make the mistake of not understanding at the onset what is required.

Most dietary programs are less than total because they do not consider the whole person. Therefore, what criteria should you be looking for when choosing a program?

Here are the 8 critical factors that constitute a good diet program such as ours.

The critical factors leading to success

(1) Fat Burning

The most important two purposes of any dietary program should be to maximize health while permanently reducing your percentage of body fat.

To burn fat, keep your carbohydrate intake low. Ignore any diet that permits you to consume processed (refined) carbohydrates. Consume only carbohydrates from natural sources (such as organic vegetables) and keep your carbohydrate intake below 25 grams daily on most days.

Since natural carbohydrates are packed with fiber and beneficial phytochemicals, consume some, but not too many, daily. This will cause your body to use fat for fuel, which is exactly what you want.

(2) The Starvation Response

Avoid free diet programs that ignore the starvation response. If you restrict calories, all you will do is lower your metabolic rate from between 10 to 45%, which is exactly the opposite of what you want. This is why we advise people to count carbohydrates, not calories.

You should avoid having your body convert muscle into glucose (“gluconeogenesis”), increase its production of fat storing enzyme, and diminish its production of active thyroid hormone (T3).

If you are getting less than about 2000 or 2200 calories per day, you are forcing your body to diminish the amount of muscle you have. You need lean muscle. Lean muscle is your METABOLIC FURNACE that can burn calories 24 hours daily.

In addition, eating properly will diminish food cravings [see #8 below] as well as enabling you to avoid increased insulin resistance caused by rebounding off a starvation diet.

So, never starve yourself on a very low calorie diet.

(3) Believability

Only 1 person in 50 is able to lose body fat and to sustain that loss for over 5 years.

If testimonials for a weight loss diet do not show a loss of body fat that has been sustained for over 5 years, ignore such diets.

(4) Human Nature

Instead of trying to force change, work with your body. The reason most diet programs fail to achieve lasting weight loss is that they are unnatural.

Human bodies like ours have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. As a result, they are well designed for certain patterns of eating and activity. It is difficult to fight Mother Nature. So, stick primarily to unprocessed, whole, natural foods.

For example, it is not our nature to eat grasses and grains (hybridized grasses), yet the three major sources of calories in the world are rice, maize (corn) and wheat!

Nor did we evolve eating dairy products, corn fed beef, potatoes, legumes, or poultry raised in cages. So, consider only free diet programs that are based on a scientific understanding of human nature.

(5) Health

Similarly, unnatural diets are unhealthy. The best kinds of foods for us are natural foods like those that our ancestors ate.

(6) Sustainability

If you go on an unnatural starvation diet of any kind, you may well lose some body weight temporarily, but you will quickly regain it all when you go off the diet—and your percentage of body fat is likely to be even higher than before you started the diet. So, avoid fad reducing diets.

(7) Activity

Since the best way to increase your metabolic rate is to be more active, any free diet program that you select should be compatible with exercise.

Fitness exercise will burn additional calories during and immediately after it, and strength training will add muscle, which is a metabolic furnace that will burn additional calories 24 hours a day.

If you do both regular cardio and strength training, you will naturally be active, like all your ancestors, and much better at burning calories.

(8) Nitrogen

Since a negative nitrogen balance is a sign of gluconeogenesis, you want to keep your body in a positive nitrogen balance. You need to avoid burning muscle for fuel.

To do this, simply ingest sufficient quality protein about every three to five waking hours. A good guideline is to consume a total number of grams of protein from natural sources that equals at least your lean body weight and spread that consumption over your 4 to 6 feedings. You will not be eating more food; you will simply be spreading your consumption more evenly throughout the day.

Since it requires calories for your body to digest and process foods and since your body has to work significantly harder to digest proteins than carbs or fats, just doing this will boost your metabolic rate.

Furthermore, eating complete proteins will supply you with all the necessary amino acids that will reduce food cravings, which can sabotage many free diet programs.

So, eat 4 to 6 times daily and consume plenty of protein. Drink plenty of clean water (at least 3 quarts daily) to help your body process the proteins. Consuming slightly more protein than is necessary will signal your body that times are good, which will help prevent it from going into starvation mode.

How to start

Any diet that satisfies the above criteria is a winner!

The free diet programs on our website, will enable you to achieve natural weight loss and improved health.

One small step at a time is all it takes to begin any journey.

Web pages to help you further

If you are ready to get started, learn about the wonderful Paleolithic weight loss diet, plus the low carb diet, and, if you want a quick start, our healthy eating guidelines. guidelines.

The following books are highly recommended

If you gained useful information from this page and wish to improve your weight loss further, the following books are highly recommended.


  • D. E. Bradford, HOW TO EAT LESS -- EASILY!

  • Bennett & Sinatra's Sugar Shock!
  • L. Cordain, THE PALEO DIET

  • Braly & Hoggan, DANGEROUS GRAINS

  • All the above books are in stock at (for the USA) and (for the UK)

If you are looking for more about free diet programs, you can search our website or the World Wide Web.

An external video about about how a Paleolithic diet (such as the one we use here on our website at is one of the best free diet programs

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